Thursday, August 11, 2011

News from the farm - Early August

Peak summer is here and the bulk of our produce is coming in. In this weeks box:

-Swiss Chard or Kale
-Zucchini or Summer Squash
-Lemon or regular Cucumbers
-New Potatoes
-Eggplant or Pepper
-Fresh Garlic

A few notes about some of the new items.
- The Zucchini and Summer Squash may be in varied shaped, but the flavors and the same and they are interchangeable in recipes. So whichever shape you receive enjoy their beautiful shapes and colors as part of the bounty of summer.

- New potatoes are coming in and we are growing several colors again this year. They all are delicious and in a dish are as beautiful as they are healthy. Since they are newly dug and relatively thin skinned, they can't be left out like you might be used to-they have to be refrigerated or they will get soft.

-Tomatoes are starting to come in; tiny ones first and then the bigger ones are ripening finally. Sometimes they can have small cracks in them. This is caused by rapid intake of water when it rains and the skin of the tomato not having time to expand before the inner part expands. For the most part, they are still perfect but you may want to use them first as they will not keep as long. As a general note, bigger tomatoes need to e stored on their tops as this is the firmest part of the tomato.

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