Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 13 Veggie Box

Greetings from the farm and we hope you are all looking forward to the veggie delivery this week.
In your box this time?
~ Salad Mix
~ Herbs: Mint & Cilantro & Basil & Dill
~ Bac Choi or Mustard Greens or Russian Kale
~ Snap Peas

Summer is shaping up to be warm and sunny and while I have been very busy installing irrigation and planting the final transplants I so carefully seeded almost 3 months ago, it's been wonderful to see spring veggies producing and summer veggies growing with promise. I hope you all especially enjoyed the salad mix we came up with. A great mix of colors, flavors and textures, it consists of no less than 4 varieties of lettuce, baby boc choi, baby kale and swiss chard, and spicy baby mustard leaves.

Also in your 'box' most weeks will be some kind of cooking green: swiss chard, kale, mustard, spinach or boc choi. These are the matured leaves or the whole plant of some of the same baby leaves used in the salad mix. Sturdier and meant to be lightly cooked, they go well in stir fries, but also minestrone type soups, in a pasta sauce, paired with eggs and other veggies in quiche, or just steamed with a little soy sauce. The other important thing to remember with cooking greens is that in most recipes both on our blog and in cook books, they are fairly interchangeable, so if the recipe you want to try is for kale and you have mustard greens, have no fear, it will be delicious.

We are excited to report that we should have fresh strawberries ripe in another week or two and we plan on pairing them with rhubarb for a really classic combination or early summer flavors.

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