Monday, September 26, 2011

News from the farm

As many of you heard, about 10 days ago we had some very unusual weather in most of our fine state, including our farm-temps plummeted down to an almost record breaking 27 degrees. While some things were salvaged due to their hardier nature, that kind of low actually melted all the warm weather veggies plants: tomatoes, peppers, cukes, zucchini & summer squash, beans, the vines of the winter squash & pumpkins and saddest of all to me, melons. We did our best to salvage what was there, hence the continued tomatoes ect. last week, but I'm sorry to say that was about it. It's also sad because it appears to have been a fluke thing and this fall is going to continue on with moderate temps that would have normally continued ripening things for however many more weeks. Rest assured, we will do our best to round out the season with cooler season crops that will continue to mature for another month without difficulty.

Aside from the weather, I want to make sure to remind everyone that today is 39 weeks pregnant for me. Perhaps I will try to post a picture of your dedicated veggie farmer because I guarantee I've grown more than what you see in your boxes every week-a very special little pumpkin has been with me for every seed planted, every walk down the rows, every pulled weed, and every lifted bin of produce.  I'm guessing that this will be the last week I will be able to work until after the baby comes, so as stated in the 2011 CSA contract in the beginning of the season, I will take my leave of you all for a couple weeks to enjoy some well earned time with my little one. Most of you with a half share are within a week of being finished with your 9 weeks of the season and I will contact you directly via phone or email about finishing the season in October if we still have some to go.

That's all for now...

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