Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2012 Spring is springing!

Man, am I ever excited for this year on the farm! Flats of seeds are started and many more are on my to-do list. Each day my list gets longer as I ramp up for our 3rd season of CSA. I'm still not sure how many families we will add this year, some of that will depend on how many we sign on in the next few weeks, but I do know one thing-we will max out this year and end up turning some late comers away. We have been invited to the CSA fair at the Seward Co-op in Minneapolis, and while I will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with some older and well respected farms, the event brings in a lot of interested families for whom I know we will be a good match. Here are some recent scenes from our endeavors.

Some tomato seedlings growing under the lights.

These beauties are soon-to-be Blackgold cherry blossoms. 
We may only have enough to give each family a sample in 2012
but we expect to be able to offer more and more fruits each 
year as we establish our perennial crops. 

Remember these juicy beauties from 2011? We could only
offer samples last year, but..

We hope to be able to offer a small amount of Minnesota grown, 
chemical free peaches to our families in the 2012 season.

That's all for now, folks. We will be blogging regularly this spring to let families know what we are up to. Be sure to friend us on Facebook and Twitter. 
Blue skies,
Ellen & Family